Thursday, June 4, 2015

Michael Lamp Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Lamp Public Relations & Marketing


Lamp Public Relations & Marketing proudly celebrates the one-year anniversary of the addition of Michael Lamp to the firm. Michael joined the public relations and strategic planning in June 2014 and was instrumental in the serving as the National Sales and Distribution manager for the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film. He currently manages public affairs for the firm and its clients, including All American Pharmaceutical. Congratulations, Mike!!

Lamp Public Relations & Marketing presents a team approach that includes interpersonal communication skills; leadership education and training; brand development and management; creation for team growth and collaboration opportunities; direction, development and distribution of national legacy strategic plans, projects and funding programs. We work with businesses, organizations, associations and individuals from a communications baseline approach of respect, integrity and best practices with the end in mind to grow capacity and sustainability. We have a special focus on agricultural, food, energy and education related sectors and utilize our leadership training program featured at

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