Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Thanksgiving Tribute from the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film Team

On behalf of the Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary Film Team, we wanted to say “Thank You” for all the hospitality we have received while filming and promoting this national treasure project. We've traveled throughout the Wheat Belt to share the vision for the film.  What has resonated with all of us is the deep appreciation that those with a connection to agriculture have for their rich diverse cultural heritage.  We met so many who work hard every day, if not for anything else, just for the pure love and passion for what they do!

Along with my national executive co-coordinator, Melody Dobson, it has been an honor to work on this national treasure project.  Under the direction of award-winning filmmaker, Conrad Weaver, the documentary will become a reality March 2014.  Conrad has logged more than 70,000 air- and 30,000 driving-miles in 2013 alone, capturing the harvest from Texas to North Dakota to the Northwest and across the U.S. border into Canada.  He also worked with many individuals within the industry from manufacturing, research, marketing and education.  You can keep updated on the film’s progress and our upcoming Premiere Screening schedule at GreatAmericanWheatHarvest.com.

This Thanksgiving, when we sit down at our tables and enjoy the fellowship of family and friends, we will have a true appreciation for the amount of people, energy and work it takes to make “Our Daily Bread”We tip our hats and salute all who have had a part in putting food on our tables. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. 

To show our gratitude, please enjoy a special Thanksgiving Tribute message from Conrad Weaver, Owner, ConjoStudios, LLC; and the Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary Film National Co-Coordinators, Jody L. Lamp and Melody Dobson.

With much Gratitude from Team GAWH...Happy Thanksgiving!

Jody, Melody and Conrad